Segmentation fault (core dumped) in Gnubg (backgammon)

In Leap 15.4 I had Gnubg (Backgammon) working pretty well.
After upgrading whole system to Leap 15.5 I can start a game, it rolls dice, computer moves and when my turn comes and I click mouse it crashes.
Output from terminal says: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
It happens each time. Game starts, I roll dice, computer can move, and on my turn when I click it crashes.

What to do?

After long weeks I discovered what caused the problem.
In the game there’s a setting: 2D/3D view. I always had 3D view and in the past and previous systems it worked. Today (after new installing of Leap 15.5) I discovered that in 2D view I can play. When I switch to 3D view and it is my turn in the game, gnubg (Backgammon) crashes.
I know what, don’t know why?
Are newer systems and kernels do not support this?? Who knows?

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Run a trace and submit an issue to the devs:

Oh, also the coredump from coredumpctl