segfaults at init start on attempted boot

I’ve been running version 11.0 on a compaq laptop for some time. I’ve suddenly developed a bootup problem that I can’t dope out. as soon as init executes I get segmentation faults followed by respawning errors from mingetty. That’s all she wrote.

Popped in the install DVD and ran “repair”. found sda1 corrupted. Says sucessfully repaired, BUT when we try to contiune gets “can’t change enviroment to target” (or thereabouts).

I have done a new install on another partition (where I am now) No problems at all with it.

I’d really like to save the old system, if there’s a way. I can mount the partition and browse it, and have seen no obvious problem.

Where should I look? any ideas will be appreciated – I’m willing to do some effort before just starting over. Thanks