segfault pavucontrol

Are you sure it’s PA that cause this crash? In any case, try disable it from YaST > Sound … and see if the ‘KDE Audio Video Settings’ runs fine then.

IIRC that repo contains a patched pulseaudio that fixed the pavucontrol crash.
But it’s incompatible to the pulseaudio included in 13.1 and causes all other applications to crash therefore. All of them would need to be recompiled against that pulseaudio, so it was decided to not release this as update for 13.1.

So to fix that KDE crash, you should switch pulseaudio back to the version included in 13.1. Or turn off pulseaudio as already suggested, but then you wouldn’t need pulseaudio/pavucontrol from that repo anyway.

I have no idea if there is/was another solution for the pavucontrol crashing problem though.

Ok, my memory was not 100% correct.
That repo contains the patched pulseaudio and everything recompiled to work with it, so you would have to install all packages from there.
In your case kdebase4-runtime.
But the problem is that KDE has been updated to 4.11.3 already (and will be updated to 4.11.4 soon), while that repo still contains 4.11.2.

So I guess you should not use that repo anymore.

Btw, the bug reports for reference: