Seems I don't understand something basic

Sorry, may it stupid question.

I noticed that some software updates comes with KDE update applet and some not. For example I can see notification about kernel updates and bug fixes in applet, but every time new version of an application released I have to go to the Yast software manager check for updates and update it manually.

I didn’t find a related setting in repository manager or somewhere else. Could anybody clarify it please? Thx a lot in advance.

On 02/14/2011 08:36 PM, tovarishStepanov wrote:
> Could anybody clarify it please? Thx a lot in advance.

two different words: update and upgrade…

the online updater provides security and bug fix updates to the
existing applications on your system…

it does not automatically find and upgrade your system to newer
versions of the applications you have on board…


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At least that’s the default behaviour, it only fetches information from the ‘update’-repo. However, as far as I know (I don’t use the applet) it can be configured to take each activated repo into account. Look into its settings or search the forum for it, I’m sure there are some threads about it.

Thx, will try to find this setting.

Unfortunately the setting seems to be not available any more. See this thread for more details :
Updater applet prompt to update packages from different repos

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This is sad.

Not a big problem, though. You can update your system manually with all activated repositories via YaST or zypper.

Yes You can but I would still like to use this feature. Hopefully the most important updates (all from update repo) are installed smoothly by the updater applet.

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