seemed to have found a bug in 21-dhcpcd-hook-samba script (fix provided in the post

HostLeaseFiles="/var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-${interface}.lease /var/run/dhclient-${interface}.lease /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-${interface}.leases"
	unset new_netbios_name_servers WINSSERVERS NETBIOSSCOPE
	for HostInfo in ${HostInfoFiles}; do
		if test -r ${HostInfo}; then

	if  -n "${HostInfo}" -o -n "${HostLease}" ]; then
		if test "${HostInfo}" -nt "${HostLease}"; then
			source "${HostInfo}"
			for server in "${WINSSERVERS} ${NETBIOSNAMESERVER}"; do
				new_netbios_name_servers="${new_netbios_name_servers} ${server}"
		elif test "${HostLease}" -nt "${HostInfo}"; then
			eval $( awk 'BEGIN { FS=":blank:];]*" } /netbios-name-servers/ { netbios_name_servers=$4 }; /netbios-scope/ { netbios_scope=$4 } END { print "new_netbios_name_servers=\"" netbios_name_servers "\"
NETBIOSSCOPE=" netbios_scope}' "${HostLease}")
			log_err "No dhcpcd info nor dhclient leases file found for ${interface}."

notice how in the first part of code
the HostLeaseFiles reads files in “/var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-${interface}.lease”
this is wrong
$(interface) only returns the name/type of the network (eth0, eth1 or wlan0 and so on)
on the other hand, the real lease file located in /var/lib/dhcp is called “dhclient-A-Bunch-of-Hexa-Code-${interface}.lease”

so, due to wrong file name, hostlease file isnt found and results in the error of “No dhcpcd info nor dhclient leases file found for ${interface}” in /var/log/messages, as script executes

log_err "No dhcpcd info nor dhclient leases file found for ${interface}."

from the second part of the code

hence, in order to fix this


needs to be changed to


now, u wont see that annoying error message anymore :wink:

So this information seems to be very interesting. When searching on the location of the file: 21-dhcpcd-hook-samba I found that it exists in the folder /etc/sysconfig/network/if-up.d & **/etc/sysconfig/network/if-down.d **thought they seem to actually be the very same file as when you edit one it changes the other.

You must be a root user to edit this file. The line “/var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-${interface}.lease” does exist twice, but another line “/var/lib/dhcp/dhclient-${interface}.leases” exists with only the difference being an added s at the end. Is this second reference OK?

Any way, just trying to following your suggested modifications and where these files are located.

Thank You,

oh yes, i believe those other files should also have * in between dhclient- and -${interface}

however, on my machine, i ve never seen those files in those directories being ever created
so i just left it unchanged

in fact, i just found that there is a file called dhclient-${interface}.leases (${interface} may be eth1 eth0, or wlan0, for me its eth1)
and there is no hexa-code in between dhclient and ${interface}. so im assuming this is only the problem with files end with .lease, but not .leases

it’s been so long, but yes, I just submit your fix to our samba-client package. in 12.3 it’ll go awaylol!