Seeking Technical Linux Magazine Suggestions

I’m looking for suggestions as to a Linux magazine that has articles on the more technical and esoteric aspects of the kernel and the inner workings of Linux itself. It doesn’t have to be about just openSUSE or any particular distro. I recently picked up the April 2011 issue of ‘Linux Journal,’ and, while the articles are interesting, they are more application- and review-driven than technically-driven.

I’m also reading books such as ‘Linux Kernel Development’ by Robert Love, ‘Understanding the Linux Kernel’ by Bovet and Cesati, ‘Linux Kernel in a Nutshell’ by Greg Kroah-Hartman, as well as reference texts on DNS/BIND and Samba. So that sorta illustrates the level of my interest in Linux–I not only want to learn it, but I also want to learn how it works. So the magazine should be a repository of diverse technical articles, something like the now defunct ‘Microsoft Systems Journal’ was. That would be very helpful and very cool.


So I think it is very hard to find any magazine in which all of the articles are just what you are looking for and so suggestions for Magazines, in my opinion, are more about the breath of coverage that one finds interesting. To that end, I really like Linux Format (TuxRadar Linux) and Linux User & Developer (Linux User). I live in the US and these mags are a little expensive and kind of late, but I keep coming back for more every chance I get. They are worth a try in my opinion.

Thank You,

You may be better off joining the Linux Foundation kernel mailing lists and reading the discussions on there.