Seeking Optimal Solution for Window Resizing Issue in KDE Plasma 5 on openSUSE

I am experiencing an issue with KDE Plasma 5 where resizing windows, particularly those containing large maps, results in significant delays. According to KDE developers, the plugin responsible for resizing windows without redrawing transitional states is no longer used. I have already optimized system settings and updated to the latest software versions, but the problem persists.

Could anyone in the openSUSE community recommend an optimal solution or workaround for improving the fluidity of window resizing in KDE Plasma 5? Are there any KWin scripts, external repositories, or community-developed solutions that might address this issue effectively?

Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

It’s gonna be very difficult for folks to provide any useful information, based on the lack of details.

Are you referring to a specific app? Such as dedicated mapping software?

Are you referring to a browser showing Google Maps?? Which browser(s)? Maybe some specific website?

Maybe something entirely different?

I’m looking for an alternative solution to the window resizing functionality that was available in previous versions of KDE, specifically the option “Resize Window (Scale Window / Show outline)” which resizes windows with fast texture scaling instead of updating the contents. This feature was developed by the KWin development team and licensed under GPL.

As this option is no longer available in KDE Plasma 5, could anyone suggest a substitute or workaround that achieves similar results? Any recommendations for KWin scripts, plugins, or external repositories would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

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