Seek in Amarok

When playing a song, I am unable to manipulate the seek bar and skip to&fro, it’s seems absolutely except for the fact the cursors (if that’s the right word for it) glows, and it says “Jump to XX:XX” but it does nothing.

This pretty much happens on any and every song, however if I play another track come back it may or may not work.
Sometimes it works fine (usually not), but it’ll freeze again after the track changes.
Any ideas?


OpenSuse 11.4 x86_64, KDE 4.6, Amarok 2.4

When you play mp3 files?

Yes, it seems to be limited to MP3.

Try to play flac.

It’s most probably due to gstreamer being used as the phonon back end - switch to xine. You will find it fixes broken seeking Kaffeine too.

Settings> configure amarok> playback> configure phonon> backend> prefer xine

Hope this helps

Worked fine.

Thanks, that worked!

Glad to hear it’s fixed

Maybe with mp3 files we have a problem. It would better to use open source music files.