Seeing local website in Firefox with 12.1, works with 11.4

I recently upgraded to 12.1 but keep the 11.4 machine running (which is hardware identical) for testing/learning.

I noticed recently that I cannot see our household website on the 12.1 machine. I have running here on a Windows machine on the local network a web page for the home running on IIS. On any local Windows machine browser I can type “http://server/” and I see the local web page.

This works on 11.4 (Firefox 7.0.1) but not on the 12.1 machine (Firefox 10.0.2). It is not urgent, but I’d like to know what I need to tweek or change that might make it possible to see the household website from the 12.1 machine. I disabled the SUSE firewall without changing the situation, the local page still cannot be seen from 12.1.

As far as I know, I have access to all the other network things I should have (other computers, the nework printer, the NAS) from the 12.1 machine except that this web page does not come up.

Of course, you are going to ask me: when I type “http://server/” on the 12.1 machine, Firefox takes me to a Go Daddy page for “”. If I use Konquerer, I get an “unknown host” error. I also have Google Chrome on the 12.1. Chrome gives “Oops! could not find server”


Compare the files /etc/nsswitch.conf on both machines and most likely You will find the answer. I think it’s something You’ve manually changed in 11.4 and it works the same with 12.1 if configured the same. That’s just a guess on my side.

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And to add to @glistwan’s post: it seems that the host part of the URL server is not resolved correctly.
First thing you should try is of course use the IP address of the sytem instaed of it’s name to see if you can connect.

When you can connect it is definitely a name resolve problem. And there @glistwan’s tip comes in. But also /etc/resolv.conf might be worth a visit (to check if they are the same.

A question here is where the name server is to be solved. Do you have a DNS server inyour LAN or do you use /etc/hosts for local addresses. When the latter is true of course check* /etc/hosts.*

;)Thank you both for the suggestions. I saw in /etc/nsswitch.conf that there was only one difference. The line

hosts:      files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns wins

did not have “wins” in 12.1. I added it, restarted and now I can type “http://server” and see the house home page. I cannot just type “//server” like on the Windows machines since that brings “Firefox cannot find…”. But this will do fine. Thank you.
hcvv - I compared /etc/resolve.conf and they are the same.

Sounds like your previous machines were members of the same Workgroup and your new machine is not, or your new machine may be a member of the Workgroup but because it’s more newly installed and maybe has beefier hardware doesn’t recognize another machine in the Workgroup as the Master Browser.

So, several possible solutions…

  • If you want to maintain a Workgroup type network security, you need to manually force all machines to point to your “Server” (The machine with the website) as the Master Browser for the Workgroup so that function doesn’t migrate due to elections.
  • Configure a “proper” Domain-type network security so that all network functions reside on specific and known machines.
  • Configure LMHosts and/or Hosts files distributed and installed onto each member in your Workgroup.

BTW - You might notice that you’re not really supposed to edit resolve.conf directly (AFAIK).
Better form is to use the LMHosts and Hosts suggestion above.