Seeing a list of drives and removable disks

Hello, I have seen a program before which showed all my disks (fixed and removable) and let me right click the removable ones and tell Linux to safely remove them. I think it was Konquerer on Suse Enterprise, but I’m not sure. When I click “My Computer” on the desktop in OpenSuse 11.1, I see the list of these disks, but if I right click on a disk it shows things like back, forward, and reload since it is a web page, instead of things like safely remove if it is removable. I have found similar functionality in the left pane of Dolphin, but I would like to have it set up like that other program I saw where everything was shown in the main panel of the window instead of the side panel. Does anybody know how I could get Konquerer (or whatever program it was) to behave like it did on that other computer I saw?

Also, I think when I clicked a text file or a pdf in that program; instead of opening it, it showed a preview in a side panel. I thought I would mention this in case it would help someone realize what program I am thinking of so they can direct me to how to install this program. Thanks.

I believe you’re talking about Nautilus in Gnome. What you describes as desirable happens similar to your description in Gnome Desktop Environment.

If I open Nautilus and click on “Computer”, I see all the devices in right panel and can manipulate them → mount / unmount / open/ eject.

And the icons can be setup for pdfs, jpegs and so on to preview the contents as thumbnail-type pics.

Yes it is in Nautilus, But when I first installed 11.1 I had all drives on the desktop under KDE4.1 but when I repartitioned the PC to a better arrangement without Windows, the drives are no longer showing on the desktop. Figured I’d look into it later, but I do miss and did notice.