security update 2015-718 and 2015-827

I’ve tried several times to install those 2 sec.updates , no way…
using opensuse 13.1 personal use

patch: openSUSE-2015-718-1.noarch conflicts with mozilla-nspr-devel.i586 < 4.10.10-25.1 provided by mozilla-nspr-devel-4.10.10-1.1.i586<br>NetworkManager- requires ppp = 2.4.5, but this requirement cannot be provided

would someone tell me what I’d have to do ?


Just wait and be patient.

An update to NetworkManager to fix the conflict has already been submitted and should be released in the next days…

Regarding the mozilla-nspr-devel conflict: are you using additional repos?
Please post your repo list.

zypper lr -d

Hi , thanks for the answer , no hurry I’ll wait .

my repos](http://[http://[IMG]](

did you get it right ?

Well, you do use the mozilla repo, which is probably the source of that conflict. You probably have some mozilla packages installed from there, while others come from the main repos and are going to be updated.
Try to do a full switch to that repo, or switch all packages from there back to the standard versions.
This should fix that.

Btw, you should not use both Packman and the VLC repo. They are incompatible.
Also, Packman contains everything from the VLC repo, so just remove it.
But that’s unrelated to your conflicts… :wink:

I’ve deleted vlc to only leave packman

I’ve deleted all repos and reset to only officials ones , it’s now :](

does it sound correct ?

I’ll try to update 2015-718 and 2015-827 and I’ll tell you


It seems I’m not the only one having trouble with that update as one can see here :

it shows « fixed » but I’ve tried and still got that error message …

Re-read my first reply. :wink:

it shows « fixed » but I’ve tried and still got that error message …

It is “fixed” because an update for NetworkManager (to resolve this conflict) has been submitted.
It takes some time until it is in the update repo though, but it should be any time now I think.

I just tried it, it’s fixed! Yay!

Yes ! that is an example of reactivity and another reason not to revert to windows … ever…!

Deswegen werde ich niemals zurück zu windows…!

thanks wolfi for yr patience…:wink: