I understand that I don’t really need Klamav, but I want it. (it’s my computer, MINE, MINE, MINE, rotfl!rotfl!rotfl!)

Now I don’t want to completely lock down my computer. But I do have a habit of installing things, at times from source, just to try them. I also use P2P often. I will avoid what I know to be a danger but I don’t shy away from the “maybes” I just want to know if I do head into a dangerous area, I miss something, or I am having an “idiot” day, that my system is backing me up and catching it all, even my stupid mistakes.


I installed clamav/klamav
It didn’t want to work. Research showed me that I had to turn off apparmor.

So I Turned off apparmor, ran Klamav (Only wants to let me run it as root.) Klamav finishes and I turn Apparmor back on.

run chkrootkit
run rkhunter

My firewall settings are fine. Even though my computer responds all the ports are stealth. This works for me.

I am using Noscript in Firefox. Firefox seems to have a nice redirect blocking and Firefox also prevents some pop ups.

So it seems that I have all the bases covered? Even the ones that may not need to be covered?

Any thoughts from the over paranoid, like my self, on what else I can do/use on an installed system?

You could do more damage installing from source than any of the other things could even begin to protect you against.

Not to say you have or anything is but installing from source has its risks unless you read code and audit it. If not then you rely on trusting where you get the source from. I also doubt rootkit hunters would pick up a binary that you’ve installed. (Clarity if it is a popular app then it is likely to be fine but then probably also no need for a src install)

I could quite easily say install this … and you would be pawned.