Security Question KDE Open SuSe Ver:11

Installed openSuSe Ver:11 and chose KDE desktop.

During the installation was requested for Name and User.
Being familiar with install with Gnome earlier had planed that I would be requested to insert ROOT information and then USER next with a separate password.

In this case when installing only asked Name and User Name (Log In) both with the same Password.
Insulation went perfect and is so impressive…

Now, when i Log in as USER using the password I am ROOT and when opening “Computer” Konquer is the web browser opening and I have Root Folder that can open and explored…The "Network Status is ONLINE.
Have set new user in YaST and found using a different user was able to do the same.
Have been familiar with Gnome and was a distinct difference where could not open ROOT Folders with out being ROOT.
and Nautilus was not set to be Online browser when opening “Computer”

Thank you for any who can enlighten as the question should be clearer.

Does this pose a security risk?

Thank you again

The default installation for 11.1 allows you to use the same password for root and the first user. There was a button to click to say you did not want to do this. Then you would have been offered the option to have separate passwords for root and first user.

Yes in the sense that if someone gains access to your user password they also gain root access.

You can change this in KDE by going to Configure Desktop>Advanced>Login Manager and then changing one of the passwords.

Thank you John;

Got it configured.