Security for Zoom meetings

In the past, I’ve used firejail to run a Zoom meeting. But, it has stopped working. I have more Zoom meetings than I would like. I was going to set up a zoom user with limits for the purposes of security.

Can I set up a user that uses Zoom only? What other access would such a user need? Can I set it up so that user can use only the guest network on my router? I suppose that would mean wifi only. Zoom works so much better with an ethernet connection, so I may give up on the security at the router.


Is it possible you might be being slightly over cautious ?
I say that without prejudice

I use Zoom and always on WiFi - The only issue I have is the Zoom software for Linux is lacking features and poorly put together.

Can I set it up so that user can use only the guest network on my router?

If you have are having more Zoom meetings you may want some convenience. Consider the flatpak version, it runs sandboxed and you can take away permissions (e.g. access your $HOME).

After a recent update, firejail zoom came back. But today, there is a security alert for firejail. I would try your suggestion but have never tried and have no understanding of flatpak. I’ll poke around and see what I can learn.

There is also the option of the appimage

This vulnerability exists because firejail is a complex setuid program, bubblewrap is not setuid on openSUSE. bubblewrap is the sandboxing tech for flatpak.