Security Announcements could be better titled for more productive reference

I am not certain where to mention this, perhaps on some oS or SUSE News mailing list, so I will mention it here.

It would be a nice idea if the Security Announcement could have, at the start of it’s title, a basic mention of what distro or version is affected by the posting.

As it is, one must click on the title, only to bring up another window, where again they have to click to bring up yet another window, only to find out the item has nothing to do with them.

For example, lots of warnings for SLE or SLES, etc., when (in my case) I am only using LEAP.

I find this quite inconvenient, since after all that clicking through and finding out it was not for me and therefore just wasted my time, I now have to close not just one, but two extra unwanted windows to get back to what I was doing.

This gets especially aggravating when there are a series of announcements unrelated to my system.

It would be nice if there would be at least a basic tip-off, such as “Security Announcement - Leap”, “Security Announcement -SLE”, or “Security Announcement - TW”, or “Security Announcement -All”, and so forth.

It’s just a feed from

As per mailing list info, send an email to the mailing list owner;

opensuse-security-announce+owner at o p e n s u s e dot o r g