Security Announcements - are still active ?

Last Security Announcements and Mailinglist Archive of opensuse-security-announce was on November:

Are these still active ?

Now you draw my attention to it, indeed, the News &announcement section is almost empty for some time and certainly no Security ones there.

The web based mailing list has a new URL:

The (currently) most recent post was “openSUSE-SU-2021:0016-1”

well, thank you

I will try if I can find somebody to ask further up.

As you may have noticed they repaired it. It was due to a change of software somewhere upstream.

Thanks for reporting it!

You are welcome.

is this please readable by text browser, by lynx e.g. ?

Not a forum issue, you would need to take that up with the list admins, admin{a t}opensuse{d o t} org.

Well, thank you.

Is it please accessible be Palemoon or Firefox now ? I’m getting

**504 Gateway Time-out**

You mean the Link @tannington suggested?

It opens without problem for me.

Or do you mean the e-mail address Malcomlewis provided? That is an e-mail address, not something I would try to use as an URL in a HTTP browser.

It works now. I meant Link @tannington suggested.

Excuse me I quoted wrong post.