secure way to open spam mail ?

I know it is recommended to not open it but is it possible under certain circumstances to open it without risking anything ?

I guess that not interpreting it as HTML is rather save (something you should have on as default in your e-mail program IMHO).

And when you interprete it as HTML, block all scripting.

Of course your system is always rather save, because you open mail as a normal user and whatever will happen to that normal user will never happen to system software.

BTW, most spam I get is already moved to a spam box at my provider and his algorithms are rather good. Thus I only look at them using web mail and not on my system at all.

Thank you.

I’m using web mail only.

Then simply using normal precautions like NoScript and AddBlock and storing all cookies as session cookies should be sufficient. And take care in opening attachements (but as Linux does not execute executable attachments like Windows, even that should be rather save).

BTW, after so long a time, you are lucky that I saw your post. I have unsubscribed from this thread already after some weeks.

If you’re using the KDE Plasma Kontact suite (KMail), there shouldn’t be any issues to worry about: the KMail default is to open e-Mail in text-only mode – you can change the default behaviour if you really want to but, there’s no real point, because, “just click on the left-hand side of the e-Mail window and, the HTML view will begin” …

Another nice KMail feature is, by simply hitting the “V” key – “View the raw e-Mail text with all it’s gory details in a new window”.

KMail doesn’t execute anything that the e-Mail believes that the e-Mail Client should execute – it simply displays the e-Mail contents – it doesn’t allow an incoming e-Mail to begin messing about with the user’s directory …

Bogofilter also works quite nicely with KMail.

Well, thank you.

Yes, I should respond in a shorter time.

I’m sorry I don’t use KDE.

I mainly use web mail.

I rarely open spam. I can usually tell from the subject line, that I don’t have any interest.

When I do open spam mail, I just open it the same way as I would any other mail. But note that I use “firefox” with the “noscript” extension, which makes this reasonably safe.

Good to know a few new things, I was avoiding all these time.