Secure sites load slow or not at all

I have searched through the forums here but could not find a fix for my particular issue. I installed opensuse 11 on 2 different machines, one at work and one at home. One is working just fine and the other I am having a problem with https sites. I have another older suse box at home, on the same network, and behind the same routers which works fine. With the new box, https sites either load very slowly, after I reload the pages several times, or not at all. Being that I loaded opensuse on 2 boxes and one works fine, it should not be a problem with that. Also being that another suse box on the same network behind the same routers works fine, that should be fine as well.

I tried disabling all firewall’s and changing network settings, but to not avail. I installed wireshark and tried to debug it, but networking is just something I know enough to be dangerous at, so I believe I just simply screwed something up, but I just can not figure it out. I can post a capture from wireshark if it will help.

I am not sure if anyone has any clues, but I thought that I would post an update. I am now running the machine from the LiveCD, but secure (https, SSL) sites do not load or load extremely slowly. I can get them to come up sometimes after reloading several times. I am connected directly to my DSL router with its firewall turned off. Also with the LiveCD the firewall is turned off by default. I have 2 other computers behind the DSL router which have not trouble with secure sites. Does anyone have any thoughts, please!

Another update…I tried a different ethernet card instead of the standard one on the motherboard, but still no luck.

Please, does anyone have any ideas? I am absolutely stumped.

Some speculation … did you try turning off ipv6 ?

What browser are you using? If firefox, what version?

Yes I did try turning off ipv6 when running the installed version, but not when running from the live CD. I tried running the same box from the live CD since I thought that I may have just messed up some network settings, but it is the same from the live CD and the installation.

Under the installed version I tried with Firefox (version 3.x.x), Safari, and Konqueror. Under the live CD I had to use Firefox 3 Beta 5 and Konqueror. With both systems Firefox is the only one that would load secure sites on occasion. It took minutes though to get a page to load and me pressing F5 every 30 seconds or so. I would be better if it did not work at all, but being that some pages will load (although very slowly) makes it much harder to debug.

What network settings did you change? Other than disable ipv6, I never touch my network settings. The default ‘just work’ for me.

I do not exactly recall as I tried everything I could to get it to work. Although I tried to remember to return everything back to its original state once I tested it out. I thought that maybe I did mess something up, so I tried running the box from the live CD, but with the same results. I can connect to non-secure sites just fine, only secure sites give me a problem. I tried disabling all firewalls for a short time, but it does not help.


I’m having a similar situation, in fact, I recently migrated from Kubuntu to OpenSuse because I thought there was something wrong within Kubuntu that makes the system behaves as you are explaining.
I just installed OpenSuse 11.0 two days ago and suddenly I’m having the same problem. I’m also running behind a DSL connection, as far as I remember I first experience this situation like 4 weeks ago on my Kubuntu system. I have been using this DSL connection for more than three years without any problems. It’s really frustrating cause sometimes it works fine but other times it just doesn’t connects to any https site.

Any ideas and/or suggestions will be really appreciated.



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Have you disabled IPV6, the firefox beagle plugin and the anti-phishing
features in firefox?

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I just created a static connections (instead of DHCP) and uncheck the IPV6 option, same results. I don’t think that the problem is with Firefox, same results with Konkeror. Also I just connected my laptop (Vista) to the same network cable and it works fine. For example, with OpenSuse I’m not able to login to my Ebay account, on Vista no problems. It also happens on Amazon, my banking site, etc.



maybe it is because you are using a proxy and you need to tell Firefox to use a proxy for SSL too.

I checked my firefox

Edit > Preferences > Network Tab > Manual proxy configurations

make sure you check “Use this proxy server for all protocols”

that will include SSL sites :wink:


Daniel Araneda