Secure Login Error

I am using the “LastPass” password vault and management system, and I have set it up to automatically login to this forum. The problem is, I always get an error message from the site to the effect that:

**403 Forbidden

This site does not support HTTPS. Please try again using HTTP.**

If I look at the URL window, I see that I am visiting an HTTPS page. If I remove the “S” and retry, I am able to log in successfully.

What is causing this, and how can I fix it?



when you first arrive at you are at an http
address…then when you click on the login link on the top of the page
you automatically go to an[something]
page…so, i guess you have to teach your “LastPass” to go to the
correct https page…but, i don’t know how to do that since i used
four different browsers and got three different addresses:“”""“”""

click on login and see what you get…then use that as the link to go


Two of the four links you posted worked fine for me. The first one takes me to this specific thread, but the third one takes me to the hame page.

The reason I think I might be having these problems is that I am accessing the forums by clicking on the link in the e-mail notification I am receiving about a reply to one of my posts. This should work normally, and take me to the thread I want. The fact that it doesn’t suggests that there is a problem on the forum end that should probably be fixed. That is, unless I am missing something else.