Secure File Permissions Password Hassle

I set my file permissions to “Secure” in the YaST security center Miscellaneous Setting tab. I am running on an encrypted Btrfs partition.
When I set my file permissions to Secure, I obviously expected that I would have to enter my password more while using my computer. However, at this point it is starting to be a hassle. When I boot into KDE, I have to enter it 3-4 times due to what I assume are the few startup programs I have and the network status widget. Whenever I do most anything, it asks me for the root password at least twice. Again, I expected to have to enter my password more due to the elevated default file permissions, but this is getting out of hand.

Is there any way to lessen the number of times I have to enter my password? Would using KWallet for password management alleviate the problem? Can this be fixed by configuring apparmor somehow? Thanks.

Take a look at section 18.7

Thank you very much, that clears things up.