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By choosing solution #2 you choose to keep the 4.4.x kernel (that doesn’t support your chip) and NOT to install the 4.9 kernel that apparently you need.
If you prefer to keep the 4.4.x kernels alongside the 4.9 one (just in case…) you should be able to do that by

zypper in kernel-default-4.9.0

But eventually I think you are better off with solution #1.

Thanks I install kernel but at reboot with linux 4.9.0-4.g1af4b0f-default return message error:

error: you need to load the kernel first

And the system don’t boot

Apparently something is wrong with your GRUB configuration; try booting via the “Advanced Options” and make sure that you are selecting the correct kernel; you can press “E” while at the GRUB select menu and make sure that the line beginning with “linuxefi” (or “linux”) calls for the right 4.9.0 kernel (and that the referenced kernel file is indeed there at /boot/vmlinuz-4.9.0-4.g1af4b0f-default)

this is the grub conf:
photo to screen

I don’t see anything suspicious :
Maybe it is just the 4.9 kernel refusing to boot like seems to be happening elsewhere? Please see
I tried to install that kernel on my 42.2 and I was not able to boot either…
Do you have an Atheros WiFi card that seems to be at odds with the current 4.9 kernel?

ok thanks for the suppport

I change distro linux.

Return to opensuse when leap mount a new kernel native on stable versione

Thanks all

That’s unfortunate, and it does seem to appear that you’ve run into the same problem others are having with kernel 4.9 so far.

That said, if you feel adventurous, you could try to find a 4.8 kernel from OBS: (hint: keep clicking the “show other versions”)

to help others in my situation, I say that using the repository Tumbleweed and kernel 4.9 is the correct way to may problem.

Unfortunatly install othe 1600 packet and after tha the systen wasn’t stable

FYI, I was able to boot the 4.9 kernel from here
and everything seems OK so far. See for further details; an official :kernel/stable version is apparently coming …