Second SATA drive not found

Ok, I’ve about had it and I’m pretty hard headed so that says alot. I have the following setup from the factory.
ASUS P5N-MX motherboard
A Dual Intel Dual Pentium 2 GHz E2180 CPU
2 WD2500 Series SATA drives originally configured as Raid
1 Floppy
2 GB Ram

I tried installing Suse 10 on it a while back intending to set it up as a virtual server with a couple of application servers and a file server on it. ( old geeks never get tired of this stuff ). Lets just say it wasn’t successful. So I just installed Windows 2003 Server directly on the SATA raid drives and let it run that way till I had more time.

Over the holidays, I decided to try again since I had a long vacation break. Part of the problem I had originally was that SUSE 10 didn’t seem to like the raid drives. So I figured I would go out and purchase a new SATA drive and add it as a non-raid disk. While doing that I figured out how to turn off the raid and set it to IDE. After a few other false starts I got it to the following drive configuration.

The new 500GB SATA drive setup as IDE
The original DVD drive

I was able to install SUSE 10 and get everything else I needed setup. I even added a simpletec USB drive and It was recognized immediately and formatted up very nicely. Only had to play a little bit with it to get it to mount at boot.

Here is the hard headed part. I want my other 2 drives to work too. But, no matter what combination of them I setup the BIOS sees them, but SUSE does not. By not seeing them, I mean the following. Normally when I add a new drive/device, The appropriate device file is created in the dev directory automatically for me. This is not happening. There are 3 disk oriented devices in the dev directory hda ( the cd-rom ), sda ( the new disk with SUSE installed on it ), and sdb ( the simpletec USB sata drive ). No devices are created for the other drives.

Currently I have the following setup. The IDE CD-ROM is setup as master ( it originally was setup as slave ) neither option seemed to change anything which I would expect since it’s not a SATA drive. But since we’re using the IDE bios setting for the SATA drives, maybe it has something to do with it. The working SATA drive is plugged into the first SATA drive port. I have only one of the other two SATA drives plugged in. It is currently plugged into SATA port 2 ( but I have tried it in 2, 3 and 4 without any success ).

I’m about to the point of just giving up and buying a SATA NAS enclosure and putting the original drives in there and using them for generic storage. But I wanted to give yall a try before I went that route.

Thanks in advance.

Are we to assume this is SLES 10

and not openSUSE?


I never had someone tell me I didn’t type enough before. Seems messages have to be at least 10 characters so “yes” wasn’t enough rotfl!

I think the problem could be in the Bios itself.Have you tried setting the Drives to Sata and AHCI and not IDE.If you must use IDE then can you use it only for the CD and isolate the Hard Drives.I have a Gigabyte board,and my Bios allows me to disable IDE and any Legacy devices.I have my Bios set to Sata 2 and the Ide is totaly disabled,I am also using a Sata DVD Drive too.

I changed the configuration from IDE to AHCI and the boot loader started to load but then it could not find /dev/sda. I’m guessing that I would have to re-install linux under AHCI to create that appropriate device for the AHCI drive(s). Tomorrow, I might take the server down, remove the new drive currently running linux, re-configure for AHCI for the other 2 drives and try re-installing that way. I’ve still got 4 more days till I have to do any real work again :).
Thanks and Happy New Year