Second monitor not showing anywhere

I’ve been reading through all of the dual head threads I can find on this forum, but they all seem to start with someone who can find their second monitor to start.

My issue is that there is no recognized second monitor in any of the configuration applications (sax2, nvidia-settings) at all. It doesn’t appear to be detected at load or any time after.

My machine is an Intel Dual Core 2.0, NVidia 7100, I’m running the nvidia drivers (I’m not sure how to tell what version)

The monitors are a Samsung Syncmaster 205bw on the VGA port of the 7100 and a Samsung LN40A503 (LCD TV @1080p) on the DVI Port. The monitor works fine and is what was attached when the machine was installed.

I’m using Suse 11.1, upgraded from 11.0 via zypper update

I’ve posted my xorg.conf

Here is Xorg.0.log

Here is Xorg.99.log

If anyone has any ideas about how I can go about getting this DVI working I’d appreciate it greatly.

Thank you


anybody have any tips at least? Maybe if I could get some more information. If there’s something that might be useful for me to try to debug this I’d appreciate the diagnostic help.

My experience with kde 4, it’s a mess for dual monitor. Test it using xfce. it runs flawlessly with my nvidia 7300.
Also when running on dual monitor see to it both monitors are on at boot time.