Second Life on 64 bit Opensuse 13.2

I have a 64 bit HP notebook running KDE Opensuse 13.2.

I downloaded the tarball from the SL website and extracted it.

SL started alright but with the error “Media-Plugin-webkit” popping up and some graphics not loading.

I dug around a lot through many forums and found this suggestion:

Open YeAST and install pangox.

SL works a lot better now.

Hope this helps someone.

One of my users asking to have installed for him: Second_Life_4_0_1_310054_i686.tar.bz2

Is Second Life installed for a single user, or available then for all users ?

[OS: openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64) 64-bit GNOME]

Best also ask for suggestions how best to install Second_Life***.tar.gz2 ?


Mostly tar files will install in the users home but it is not a firm rule. So look in the zip and see if there is a readme file this normally will have detailed instructions. Also a look will tell you where things are going to get put since the directory structure is preserved in the tar

Also AFAIK second life is Windows program and may require wine to run