Second Graphic Card


I have a computer with two graphic cards. The first one(ATI) is integrated at the mother board and the second one(nVidia) is at a PCI slot. I cannot run KDE, when I’m using the PCI one. The driver is already installed.

Thank you for your responses.

Are you trying to use both (multihead) simultaneously? What is the output of ‘sax2 -p’ command?

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Thank you for your response. I would like to use only the PCI one. The output of sax2 -p with the PCI card is that it cannot run xserver.

Strange, I wouldn’t have thought X needs to be running at all to invoke that particular command. Make sure you’re at runlevel 3 first. Another command to try:

hwinfo --gfxcard

Maybe worth having a look at your xorg.conf file as well…