Second DVD drive does not automount


I installed OpenSuSE 11.0 on a system with at that time one DVD-drive present on device /dev/sr0. Some time later, I added a second DVD-drive to the system, to be found on device /dev/sr1.
Contrary to the first DVD-drive, the second one does not automount when a DVD or CD is inserted. The only way to make it useful was to add an entry for the second drive in /etc/fstab which explicitly connects /dev/sr1 with /media/DVD_SR1. Directory /media/DVD_R1 I had to create using mkdir.
There is no entry for the first DVD-drive in /etc/fstab and when a DVD or CD is entered in it, a mount point for it automatically appears in /media.
This puzzles me.
Is it possible to make the second DVD-drive automount without adding an entry to /etc/fstab? A friend of mine suggested it had something to do with fuse.