searching this forum D'0h! Pakhuis Axeiaa (SOLVED!)

I was ploughing through the usual hundred or so new posts when I noticed a sig with a link to something like “showing off KDE pink”…
I right-clicked and opened in a new tab to look at later. When I eventually got round to looking at it, I was very impressed, and would like to get in touch with the poster on this forum, but, having painstakingly tried to retrace my steps through all the posts I had read this morning, I cannot find the signature again!!


It links to a movie on VEOH, along with another on You Tube. The contributor on VEOH calls himself “bPakhuis”, and on You Tube, “Axeiaa”
The clip on VEOH is called: Higher quality KDE 4.2 Beta Dark to Pink desktop

Links to the clips here:

Higher quality KDE 4.2 Beta Dark to Pink desktop | Free Misc News Videos - Watch Misc News Videos Online | Veoh


the results of a forum search of post by user ‘Aexia’ using the word
‘pink’ can be found here:



Hmm I have found it now, and have PM’ed to Axeia. I did not have any way of knowing his username from the clips, it is just co-incidence that he uses a similar Uname on this forum, also because I did not know whether the “search forum” could use wild cards, and I don’t think it searches within SIG’s…
I found it searching for axe… He spells it slightly differently on here.
TY for trying though, Did you look at the clip? An impressive little showcase for KDE4.x IMHO, and should have a wider audience with better quality video than on you tube… I have downloaded the .flv, but would love to see a “proper” video of this, and to know the full specs and pkg’s used.

I now have it as an 7 Mb .avi, if anyone is interested, it is encoded with h264 (??)
The OP Axeia has deleted it and changed his specs…