Searching a Password-Manager

Hi there,

im searching for a usefull PasswordManager for Opensuse 11.4
All i found till here are Apps that wont run (or im to stupid)
I found:
Password Gorilla (wont run)
KeePassX (im not even able to install)
Password Dragon (is a Java App, that is just launchable via Terminal, much to complicated for my Girlfriend and i dont know how secure it is, i mean the App)

All i want is a Programm, that does and looks kinda like that:
(if someone knows it or a similar App)

Can someone help?

Best Regards


KDE has Kwallet (you did not tell which desktop environment you use). And FF has it build-in. Or do I not understand what you mean?

Andreas: Search Results

Pick a Distro and 1 click to start installation?

Personally, I use LastPass. Sure it’s a FF addon and a good one, but it’s always there.

KeePassX (im not even able to install)

How did you install it?

I installed it from the Contrib repo on 11.4, and it works fine.

I guess that´s the central Site to get Apps and Stuff for Opensuse, that´s pretty exactly what i looked for.

Thanks a lot, hopefully i will bug you now dont more that much :wink:

Best Regards


It rocks, but be mindful that additional REPO(s) get added.