Search in zip folders?

I installed MAME. Then downloaded a 170 gig file with roms. 40.000 files.

I almost cant find any of the games I am looking for.

When I googled , it seems I can’t search in zip files at least not with Dolphin ?

On the bright side Robotron 2084 is working.

Its frustrating, all games I want would fit easily on a cd.
But roms only work with a specific MAME version.

Any thoughts , solutions ?

The games I want, to give a few examples, are pacman, MrDo , space invaders, Moon Cresta, Donkey Kong.
They are most likely in that rom pack of 170 gig, but I cant find them.

After I found them, I want to delete about 170 gig , of games I am not interested in.

Robotron 2084:

I bought an Xbox controller for this game, and it works. Plug and play, although you need to set up the controller in MAME.

I already made sure MAME wont get any updates on my system.

Why not?

If you have checked the option “Open Archives as folder” in Dolphin, simply open the archive as folder and you have the magnifiyng glass in the upper right corner of dolphin.

If you have unchecked the option “Open Archives as folder” in Dolphin, simply doubleclick on a *.zip file in Dolphin, and it opens Ark. Ark has an inbuilt search function.

Both ways work flawlessly…

I wonder if you understand my problem. :slight_smile:

There are 44000 zip files

When I searched for Robotron it did not find anything, yet the files are there.

You need to describe your problem then and ask what you want. I answered the only question that was available in your first post…

As you don’t describe how you are searching and which tool you are using…

The search tool kfind can also search inside of *zip files…

Your first post implied that you have a 170 Gig zip file which contains 40k Roms. You didn’t say that you have 40k zipped files…
It is important to describe a problem as precise as possible and formulate the question respectively…

See following articles with examples how to search for a string in several zipped files:

and much, much, much more…

Thank you, and yes that is my problem. 44000 zip files.

Its a shame it has become quit hard to play some Arcade classics. (40 year old games)
I remember once downloading files from the piratebay with MAME and all the roms I wanted.

It did not even fill 1 cd.

The problem starts with the roms not working on every version of MAME.
The roms are version specific. Thats also why I set in yast to not update MAME.
Sooner or later it will break.

The links you posted should for now fix my problem though.

All this work for about 20 games, I want. Lets laugh about it. :slight_smile: