Search/Find in Dolphin

In Dolphin, when I try to find a file in my home directory using Ctrl-f, I get no results. If I select the root directory / I get the correct results. This is with dolphin 15.04.0 using KDE 4.14.8. Also, the timeline selections from the left panel do not yield any results. In system settings, if I uncheck Enable File Search then I get the correct search results but lose the timeline items from the left panel (the entries are not listed i.e. Today, Yesterday…).

I was using Wolfi323’s repository prior to Tumbleweed updating to 5.3. I removed all packages that had been installed from that repository (wolfi323) in the update process. If I install dolphin5 from wolfi323 (dolphin 14.12.95 using KDE 5.10.0) and run /opt/kf5/bin/dolphin and with or without the Enable File Search checked, the Find function works as I would expect - of course the timeline items are not present if the Ebable File Search is unchecked.

Do I have a misconfiguration, or is this a result of the KDE4 to Plasma5 transistion?

Thanks for any info.

OpenSuse Tumbleweed 64bit, KDE Desktop, SDDM, on a Samsung Series 7 Ultra

I have the same issue. I did not see anything in Dolphin configuration which would cause this. It also works from /home/



Thanks for the info / link.