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I am making a webpage for my friend (Zippo Resimleri). I realized that it takes about 2-3 days before google realizes that something has changed, added etc. However, when I post anything here and then, google search about what I wrote here, I see that it is instantly updated in google’s database,

I was wondering why google refreshes some sites faster than other and is there anything that I can do about it?

Are you running a robots.txt file?


you can view it here:

As an example; you can check;




Even though my site it updated way before I have posted here, google didn’t recognized it. You can see that it is more crowded than google thinks if you check the link I gave at the first post

Search engines have their own ideas of what’s worth indexing more often. Obviously you are regarded as less important in the Internet. :slight_smile:


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Configuration for search robots is still subject to how often the robot will visit you.

I don’t have the code in hand (and it’s sure to be different for every search engine), but based on my experience supporting Dotnetnuke you can also actively tell a search engine that your website has changed (It’s embedded in the Dotnetnuke code by its developers, I haven’t had a need yet to investigate exactly what the command is).

I’m sure the code should be posted somewhere on Google. If you can’t find it, maybe it’s worth taking a look at the DNN code (it’s open source and a fairly small download).


Create a sitemap index file in xml format and upload it to google. The procedure is fully described in Google’s webmaster section. This does not guarantee an immediate update, but when the crawler decides to visit your site he will fetch the changed pages.

If this is what DNN also does, typically I’ve found that Google Search might return updated results within a few hours, so if you also consider the amount of replication which has to happen across Google’s multitude of servers (remarkably, I’ve read they’re all rather ordinary PCs) your site is likely crawled nearly immediately (I haven’t checked website logs to verify).