Search: Beagle does not find applications

Beagle only seems to find documents and websites etc. Applications are
never found, even when I search for popular software like firefox. What
do I have to change so applications are displayed?

Note: I have tried selecting all search domains (local, system, global,
neighburhood) but no result.


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I tried installing beagle-index package but that doesn’t help. I double
checked, I have applications selected in the options for what beagle
needs to search.

Does nobody else have this problem? This didn’t work in 11.0


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In my case Beagle doesn’t index evolution e-mails and firefox history.


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I was experiencing the same problem and replaced beagle with tracker. I
prefer tracker to beagle anyway, because its footprint is easily

First, search for and install “tracker” using the opensuse build
service.’ (

Then using gconf, navigate to desktop>gnome>applications>main-menu
change search_command key from “beagle-search SEARCH_STRING” to
“tracker-search-tool SEARCH_STRING”.
This will provide the same Slab, or “Main Menu”, search functionality.
If you prefer the menu bar (Applications Places System), you can drag
Tracker Search Tool from Utilities to the panel, creating a launcher
with command “tracker-search-tool”

It may ask you to activate tracker service the first time; in any case,
“trackerd” and “tracker-applet” should be automatically added to
Sessions>startup programs.

Then uninstall or disable beagle.

Make sure you give tracker some time (around 10 minutes) to finish
indexing your home directory-then log out and log back in-before
deciding whether it functions to your satisfaction.

Tracker settings-such as indexing when on battery and
resource/performance management-can be controlled using command


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I should mention, however, that tracker doesn’t yet support bookmarks.


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It’s confusing to have a search box in the application menu that doesn’t
find applications…

Anyway, GNOME Do seems to provide this functionality (and more).


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