Seamonkey update ???

According to the description of yesterday’s mozilla update, seamonkey was updated to 17.0.5 (or something).

However, there was no seamonkey update. The updates for firefox, thunderbird came through, but none for seamonkey.

Did somebody goof?

My versions currently reads 2.17-1.1 from repo Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_12.3

I’m not using that repo. I’m content to wait for updates to come through the standard repos. I only posted on this because the description of the update (that I could read when using Yast online update) explicitly said that the update included seamonkey. So either that description was wrong, or somebody left out part of the update.

Same here re standard repo. I updated today. Apper’s History for today tells me that firefox, thunderbird, and other mozilla packages updated, but the seamonkey package wasn’t included (maybe just a shared mozilla dependency was updated).

Looks like a problem, and IIRC not for the first time if it’s missing. I just restarted seamonkey, and it warned me that 2.16.1 was now an old stable release but with vulnerabilities. It should have gone to 2.17 which has security fixes!

from my past experience updates show up for mozilla related products in this repo before they show up in update repo

That isn’t news, and it’s another additional repo. I would rather save that place for packages or functions that aren’t available in the distribution repos. Keeping additional repos to the minimum goes towards complexity reduction and stability. :slight_smile:

Seamonkey didn’t finish building so the update was split. Actually OBS has problems building Mozilla projects for their memory requirements and builds are often failing. To not delay the other updates it was split. Seamonkey update will arrive soon I guess.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. Maybe they should routinely be split. I can still remember a time when they were separate updates. :slight_smile: