SeaMonkey Bookmark GNOME 3.x Search hack

SeaMonkey Bookmark Search hack is a cool hack for searching for SeaMonkey bookmarks from GNOME 3.x Shell Activities Window.
First Navigate to this page and install the Firefox bookmark search extension using the slider on top left
It will complain and throw up notification if you don’t have Firefox profile on your system. Ignore it.
Locate the folder “/home/<profilename>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/” on your machine. This is the folder where all extensions are stored when installed through
Locate the folder and then open the file “extension.js” using gedit.
Press ctrl+h to open search and replace window. Search for all “firefox” and replaceall it with “seamonkey” and save the file.
Restart shell by pressing alt+f2==>type r ==>hit return/enter key
Now you can search all your SeaMonkey bookmarks through Activities.
This hack has been tested on GNOME 3.4 and GNOME 3.2 on openSUSE.Should work on all flavours of Linux.
Screenshot showing the working.](