seamonkey and enigmail incompatible?

I have just upgraded from Leap 15.0 to 15.1. I am using Seamonkey as my browser/e-mail client. The current version in Leap 15.1 is 2.49.4. I want to use enigmail to sign and encrypt messages. Yast does install version 2.0.11 (the summary entry in Yast is “OpenPGP addon for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey”). However, when I check the add-on tool of SeaMonkey, the enigmail entry says “enigmail is incompatible with SeaMonkey 2.49.4”.
This means, I am afraid, there is an inconsistency in the Leap 15.1.
How can I proceed?
Thanks for any help!
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A bug report might be warranted.

Enigmail does not support Seamonkey anymore.

That’s a pity. SeaMonkey still is my standard browser+mail+chat+RSS+newsgroup application.
It just received an update a week ago (version 2.49.5 — almost a year since the last one, 2.49.4).

Yes, that is bad news for those who use the all-in-one suite. It’s also bad news for SeaMonkey, because it should be able to use up-to-date privacy and security tools.

At least the information in the Leap 15.1 repositories is incorrect. I’ll file a bug report, as soon as I find time later today.

I filed a bug report, see

yesterday in order to remove the misleading information from the repository.

Thanks for reporting. And I have added myself to the “cc” list for that bug.