Seagate ST3146855LW and installation

SuSE 11 will NOT install on this drive. It freezes every time. SuSE 10.3 installs, and Windows installs but SuSE 11 will NOT.

I can install it on my other Seagate SCSI’s (300GB) and then format and use the ST3146855LW. But 11 will not install no way no how.

Will you please com some more details ?
The information just freeze can be caused by a
lot of things
Did it gave error message and when did it freezes ?


It can freeze at any time during the install. It’s froze up at format, it’s froze up at copying files and its froze up at saving user configuration. Most of the time it is during the copy files portion. But it could be any time.

At first I thought the drive may be bad. But when 10.3 installed, twice, without a problem and I ran SeaTools and the drive tested good, and then I installed Windows 2000 just fine and I was even able to install XP, I decided there had to be an issue with 11’s install process.

No errors reported. The drive just freezes up. It requires a shut down because a hard reset and the adaptec 29320 can’t see the drive.

I used to have that problem all the time with the 11.0 betas. Adding NOAPIC to the boot options fixed that for me. I did not have to use NOAPIC for 10.3 nor, happily, have I had to use it on 11.0 GM. However, it is worth a try if you have random freezes during the install.

If it weren’t for the fact that it installs on either of the two 300GB SCSI’s without an issue, or th 80GB SATA or the new 140GB Fujitsu drive I just bought, I might think this could be an ACPI issue. And since 10.3 will install on the drive in question without issue , i’m pretty sure it’s not ACPI.

Since all of the other drives have 8MB buffers and the drive in question has a 16MB buffer, I wonder if this could be an issue.

I did read in another forum where one or two people installed this same drive on an up and running system and were having performance issues. I can put the drive in an up and running 11 install and it seems to run great. Plus Seatools tested it twice with no errors.

I can cut the buffer in half with the Seatools utility. I was thinking about trying that.

It might help to change 16 Mb to 8 MB
One of my drives is a older Seagate the Barracuda has also 8 MB , and suse install fine on that drive , the Barracuda is a SATA drive