Seagate 1TB Desktop 3.5" SSHD Setup??

I have just purchased the above sshd as a replacement for my ageing hdd. Now I am new to this sort of hardware and am not sure if this needs any special treatment with regards to setup in Linux. It has 8GB of MLC NAND flash. Any suggestions or pointers would be great.

Thanks in advance.

I think I was getting a little confused here as the ssd part appears to be a kind of cache and is handled by the hard-drives own firmware. At least that is my understanding now.

Trouble is there are many ways that this function is done when first started it was a software solution that made a separate SSD a cache to the HD. This of course much confusion if mult-booting . Now it appears the drive makers have caught on and are supplying tings prepackaged and hopefully transparent to the OS. But of course any time you delve in to new hardware concepts you need to do you home work before you buy it. Just because it is the current shiny shiny does not always make it functional in your refereed environment.

Lol that is so true!! Mind I’ve heard that a lot of the devs now have shiny new laptops with ssd’s running and assume we all now have this technology…