sea gate sshd reconised as a iscsi drive

Hi in the process of updating to OpenSuse leap 42.1 on a new Seagate ST-10000dx001 hybrid drive .
The problem I am having is when the system tries to identify the hard drive it asks for the iscsi information
as this is a sata drive I am scratching my head as how to sort this issue.

motherboard Sabertooth 990fx 2r

You’ll probably have to post either exact info requested or screenshots.

Sometimes “iscsi” is used to reference a generic hard drive connection so in those cases it’s not an issue.
But, if it’s for instance asking for a LUN, then you have a real issue.

You may also need to provide the name/model of your disk controller and if it’s mounted in any special way (eg external drive, a disk controller bridge, etc).

And, what are you upgrading from?


Hi I will try to explain what is happening,
This is a clean install on a brand new sshd, the mother board is a sabertooth 990fx r2 with standard drivers and bios ( i think it’s the newist version of the bios )
The new drive is at this time the only drive on the system, it is attached to the internal sata conectors/drivers on the mother board
Booting from a fresh iso dvd downloaded today OpenSuse leap 42.1 (The md5 check sum matches ),

Option list
boot hdd
Install ---------O.K
etc __

Loading Kernal

Initialising _____________/&/ Licence agreement ----O.K
Disk Activation (shows two boxes)
Configure iscsi disks ----issue __________/&/ change network configuration ----O.K

iscsi initiator overview
Service // ( Connected Targets )
Initiator name // (offload card default (software )) (unable to change this setting)

The help screen says
iscsi initiator , initiator name is a value from /etc/iscsi/
initiator name iscsi in case you have ibft, this value will be added from there and you are only able to change it in the Bios setup.

connected targets (interface/portal address/target name start up) nothing in these fields ,

it then goes to system probing Hdd

Yest2 error

No hard disk found for installation please check hardware ( the disk is conected and spinning )

Installation options (two tick boxes) online Repositories & include add on products from separate media (both ticked)

suggested petitioning
No automatic proposal possible specify mount points manually in the "partitioner"dialogue.

edit proposed settings – yast2 lvm - based & xfs home partition
create partition setup — No disk found & update cd dvd

expert partitioner // volume management

installation summary
nothing assigned as root file system
installation will most certainly fail

mount UUID / file btrfs /partitions optimal

device name

No assigned root partition for installation
assign the root mount point “/” to a partition

a warning about the setting not working

time zone
kde desk top
create new user etc

the screen continues untill it says no hdd

The hard drive is a seagate sshd hybrid model st-1000dx001

I hope this is useful

It simply means that no hard disk is detected. Do you see this disk in BIOS or UEFI menu?

This may be irrelevant, but may help

I have a few of these 1TB hybrid drives, both in Linux RAID and as USB attached configurations. The one attached to this laptop was an internal SATA drive in another laptop, but moved into a USB caddy because the SATA data connector was unreliable in the laptop. The three in a desktop machine have also exhibited connectivity problems and required selected data cables. During installation two got a bit screwed up and were "recovered"using the Seagate utility SeaToolsDOS223ALL.ISO.

When working they install and operate just like any other SATA drive. The hybrid bit does not make much diference in a Linux system providing there is enough RAM for bufering, except for booot and awakening from hibernation times – but you will be using SSD for boot, root, and swap, so not applicable.

Thanks for your help and time “eng-int” might have had the inspiration to fix this issue .
I didn’t think about a cabling problem so I looked to the new component as the old one was working
tried another lead with some success but have so far not got beyond about seven percent download before the system reboots and starts all the stages again,
waiting for some new leads from an internet suppler and with any luck this will sort it all out
will call this closed unless i need to return under a new ticket
thanks again Dave