SDDM login screen now white after Slowroll upgrade

Slowroll was upgraded, which included a new kernel. Upon a reboot, the SDDM login screen is now white. A screenshot taken with mobile phone, is attached to the bug report.

Three plasma6 packages were in the upgrade, including plasma6-sddm-theme-openSUSE . I suspect the new package is missing the background image. The bug report has been updated.

Did you do the basic checks like having a look into systemsettings and change background?

The openSUSE default background was present on the login screen, prior to the packages being upgraded.

There is a utility that allows for the configuration of the SDDM login manager. Changing this to one of the other themes, results in the theme properly displaying with its background. Changing this back to Breeze for openSUSE, results in the same white appearance as attached to the bug report.

This news item references a change to wallpaper type:

Perhaps the openSUSE theme package now has an incorrect path??

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