SDDM Login - OpenSuse in the toilet?

Last month I did a system update on my Tumbleweed installation.

zypper dup

Some weeks later when logging in, I noticed something strange with the OpenSuse Breeze SDDM login background image. I realised that the cool looking plan like image was using layered architectural plans. And then looking closer I saw something that was thoughtlessly or intentionally done.

The OpenSuse logo is neatly placed in the toilet. Take a look for yourself (far right hand side of the image). In fact there are toilet symbols all over the image.

As an Easter Egg, yeah maybe it might be a funny surprise, but from an OpenSuse marketing perspective, not cool.

Just for reference, here are a list of architectural symbols if you don’t know what to look for. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Seems I’m not the only one to have noticed.

Not a request for help. Closing and moving thread to Chit Chat.

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I learned today that what we see is the floorplan of the SUSE office in Prague.

… so, NOW you know where to find the bathroom when you are there at the end of this month: Just follow the gecko.

Um, err, not really a laughing matter – there was also something about the Leap 15 boot animation …
[HR][/HR]Maybe, it might be, a good idea to make the community aware that, a little bit of caution with respect to boot and login graphical content is not the “wrong thing to do” …

Come on. If no one would have pointed out this one, I ( and AFAICS most others ) would never have noticed. Re. the boot animation: there are people that don’t see lampposts, churchtowers etc, but … If it was up to those people we wouldn’t have anything at all. I coud easily sit down and claim to see sexual content in half of the icons provided, in Tw’s boot animation…
IMNSHO the designers have done a beautiful job in providing us with a consistent theming of both our distros.

  • Consistent: YES!
  • High quality: YES!
  • Modern: YES!
  • Visual art “fits” to the openSUSE “feeling”: YES!!!
  • International “diplomatic correctness” and “cultural sensitivity”: "open for discussion
    " …

« Only applicable for the inhabitants of the planet “Earth” – intergalactic values are not (yet) relevant. » :wink:

100% in agreement with this statement.

With this:

Totally disagree. There is a limit to “Political Correctness” when it crosses the line into Sublime and Ridiculous.

That kind of “Political Correctness” is part of George Orwell’s chilling prediction in “1984”.

OK, then, how about this issue?

An office floor plan is something which is is drawn up by an architect and, therefore, it is copyrighted …

  • It’s unlikely that, SUSE owns the office space in Prague.
  • Therefore the floor plan is either the property of the building’s owner or, the construction firm or, the architect’s office …

In many cases, architectural schools are part of a university’s art department – architecture is often viewed as being an art form and therefore the copyright issues around the “architecture of a building” are from a legal view point, heavy, difficult and expensive …

  • Make an abstract line diagram (art) which has the form of a floor plan but, doesn’t reflect anything to do with the floor plan of any actual building.