SDDM does not start on boot with NVIDIA prop driver

Hi All,

I recently upgraded to Leap 42.3. The machine has a GeForce GTX 750i Nvidia graphics card. I am using the factory opensuse build, so the sddm version is 0.14. The machine had been running tumbleweed, but after a disk crash I wanted to play it safe and use a slower release version.

The opensuse works really, except that at boot I am staring at a console login prompt. If I issue

 sudo systemctl enable sddm.service 
            sudo systemctl start sddm.service

The display manager starts up and runs. The graphics are crisp, and the nvidia tools all confirm a smoothly operating video card. I don’t think this is an obvious driver issue.

I have checked that sddm is the default display manager. Looking in /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service I see:

Description=Simple Desktop Display Manager
Documentation=man:sddm(1) man:sddm.conf(5)
After=systemd-user-sessions.service getty@tty7.service plymouth-quit.service

ExecStartPre=-/usr/bin/plymouth quit --retain-splash


I execute who -r and see the following:

 run-level 3 Feb 19 11:18 

I am not sure if something is missing from an init script? I thought run levels were no longer important? I have also done the standard voodoo: 1. zypper in -f sddm 2. mkinitrd still the same!

Thank you!


What “systemctl get-default” says?