SDDM broken in latest Tumbleweed update?


after installing the latest tumbleweed update (20201023), SDDM seems to be broken. SDDM starts up, showing the login screen. After entering the password, it tries to start plasma (or any other selected DE session) but then returns almost immediately to the login screen. The same happens for old and new users, as well as root. If I login to root via CLI, I can start plasma for root with startx without any problems. Also, changing the display manager from SDDM to lightdm fixes the problem.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a configuration problem with my system. Happy to test a bit, if this helps.

Thanks in advance,

I am not having that problem here.

Hmm, I see that 20201024 is now available. So time to update again.

Just upgraded and it was boring as usual. I have auto login setup though, no password screen. Nonetheless sddm works.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve updated and still have the issue. This may be a problem with my system, some old configuration files (last fresh install was in 2017) or too many incompatible repositories. Anyway, thanks again!

I should have posted this earlier but in case you want to fix sddm, the first thing to do is to read the journal.

  1. Boot up with sddm
  2. Login as usual
  3. Once stuck, switch to a tty and run:
sudo journalctl -b -u display-manager

Thanks for the reply!

Just in case anybody else stumbles across this: I played around a bit more and deleting all the sddm configuration files did the trick:


I also renamed .Xauthority file in the home directory. SDDM worked perfectly again after this.