SDB System Upgrade needs to be updated

Just checkedSDB:System Upgrade and although someone modified it to say it supports LEAP 15, nothing else on the page has been changed.

This is particularly problematic because there are references like “change the repo name to the appropriate version.”
That leaves the User to own devices trying to figure out what that URL should be, eg the format could be LEAP15, LEAP_15, or anything else imaginable.

If I weren’t so busy today, I’d review and fix the article myself but this time someone else will have to do it.
I’d also recommend that <all> references to 42.3 be evaluated how to update to referencing LEAP 15.


Hi, Tony:

Perhaps best to post this to the opensuse-web and/or the opensuse-doc mailing lists.

Anyone who has an online account can edit the page to the best of their ability.
And, if there is any mistake or dispute then it’s a snap to simply roll back (undo) the change.
Today, it can even be a newbie student who might have just found the article and has ideas how to improve.

There is no restriction who can make changes or even create a document, even a SDB in practice today.

There is an article that describes a kind of overview process (I’m posting the link next), but I don’t know that anyone really follows that anymore. I’ve personally created an SDB just by calling it that, and practically all of the SDBs I’ve most used the past several years aren’t officially in the SDB database

I’m fairly satisfied with the informal “Anyone can create an SDB” way things seem to be done now, the most important get enough attention and care from volunteers to make them high quality.


I’ve made some minimal edits to help make this page more applicable with respect to upgrading from 42.3 to Leap 15. However, it could do with more thorough rewrite to improve its overall clarity /readability IMHO.

Correct, which is why I suggest posting it to mailing list(s), as well as here.:wink:

By the way, to be sure, what are the list of repositories used for an online system upgrade? I feel lost in repositories tree in

The OSS, Non-OSS, and the update repos…

*Make sure your existing Leap install is fully updated first, and that all existing repos are removed (or disabled) prior to upgrading.

Thanks for your answer

Deano has made the most necessary changes I mentioned in this post (Thx and great job).

Other thing I didn’t mention and I just now described in another thread is that this SDB needs some work, likely

  • Reversing the top section which is not likely apparent that it applies only when starting with openSUSE 13.2 and earlier, and the bottom section which applies to anyone starting with a LEAP (any version) or Tumbleweed.
  • Some re-wording and re-formatting to the current upper section to re-emphasize and clarify that those instructions only apply to very old openSUSE (13.2 and earlier).

Anyone who’s got a talent for gab and clarity is invited to have a try (maybe. I see something new about locking which I’ve never seen before and didn’t know exists for an SDB that apparently was never created using SDB tags). After all, we are a community.