SD Cards, can't seem to find them (Suse 10.3)

Hi, I’m having a few troubles. Not all my SD Cards can be found. We use several cards for photo’s, but now two of them can’t be found when I plug them in. They did work, until recently…don’t know what has changed. They usually pop up on the desktop, but now don’t. Any ideas how to fix?

I’ve used an SD card with 10.3, they worked OK.

The issue is that those cards are rather fragile, are you sure there’s no sign of physical damage? (But: I don’t know if this is a good idea!!! May be the contacts are oxidised and could be cleaned gently with an eraser?)

If they’re working in something, and you can copy stuff off somewhere else I’d do that.

For general use the USB flash drives, are harder to break. I can’t see what apart from physical reasons would cause some cards to work and not others.