SCX-4824FN Samsung Printer Error

Have been successfully using a SCX-4824FN MFP for the past 2 years on Opensuse, trouble-free. Now, it no longer prints and am guessing it may have something to do with a recent Opensuse update?

Error message states ‘cannot create image’, which I understand suggests Ghostscript problem, but Ghostscript is loaded and works fine with other HP printers attached to same PC (other forums also suggest Ghostscript may need installing).

Have downgraded to earlier version of Ghostscript but no joy.

Using custom Samsung driver, Opensuse 11.3

Anyone got any ideas?

Just a thought to get things moving: Your printer does not appear to be in the openSUSE 11.2 printer database (I can’t check that the same is true for 11.3 because unfortunately *( so it looks as if your term “custom Samsung driver” could mean that your driver comes from an external source rather than openSUSE 11.3. If that is true then unfortunately the burden is on you (and the provider of the driver) to ensure that the driver is up to date and compatible with the latest linux kernels etc.


Yes, you may well be correct… I specifically purchased the printer as the manufacturer claimed it was Linux compatible. It worked fine until a few weeks ago, but I accept that the drivers were supplied by Samsung, with the printer, and that Opensuse doesn’t provide any drivers.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar problems and had found a solution.

Your printer supports PCL5e, PCL6, and PostScript 3 emulation, so you could just configure CUPS to use postscript instead. (I’ve used this approach previously when printing to these types of printers).

Interesting. Am I guessing correctly that two steps would be required? Would the first step produce a postcript file and the second step send the file to the printer as described here? Care to expand a little?


Well for example, say you have an office laser printer printer which is postscript 2 or 3 compatible, then via CUPS configuration


Add Printer, choose type eg Appsocket/HP JetDirect, enter the connection eg socket://<hostname or printer IP address>, name etc. When you get to the ‘Make’ choose ‘Postscript’, then ‘Add Priner’. Set the default print options and your done. (From there a test print can be performed if required).

I have found that the printing output may not always be quite as good as using the model-specific PPD’s (where they exist), but it does the job for most apps.

I’ll never know why the SCX-4824FN MF suddenly stopped working, but a fresh installation (11.4) fixed my problem and the printer works fine, now.