Scroll Lock Key

Anyone got any ideas about how to make the scroll lock key work?

I just installed 11.1 and KDE 4.2. I’m new to SUSE, but I’ve been using Linux since RH5.

While SUSE looks pretty polished (best installer I’ve even seen) I’ve run across the strangest problem. The Scroll Lock key doesn’t work. This key triggers my KVM switch so it’s important to me. (The alternative is to crawl under the desk to hit the button…not good.) My keyboard had an LED to show when the key is pressed, but it doesn’t come on. It works in Windows and in the previous distro I was using.

My keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse, but it shows up as a Chicony (sp?) Gaming keyboard, or something like that, neither of which are in the list of keyboards in the YaST configuration tool. All other keys are operating normally, well except for the volume and mute buttons, but I don’t use those anyway and they’re not really “keys”.

Please help. I’d hate to have to ditch SUSE over something as simple as this. Thanks!

Run this command in terminal:

xmodmap -pm

You’ll see the unused modifier…This is mod3 modifier.
To assign the scroll lock key on mod3 run this command:

xmodmap -e ‘add mod3 = Scroll_Lock’

After this command your scroll lock will work…

It works great! Many thanks!!!

Any idea how to make it permanent? It goes away when I log out.