script to decrease / increase volume

Hello there,

I have a lenovo SL300 laptop. There exist 2 volume up and down button but not functioning. :’(

I noticed that they have keycode [using xev] 176 and 174. how can in integrate them to linux? openSUSE 11.1 ]

i mean, i want the script to “listen” to keycodes, when find 176, increase the volume.


– A.

Try this:

Go to yast, software, software management, search for: “lenovo-sl-laptop”. If all goes well, it will find a package and install it that should take care of the key mapping for you.

Otherwise, try
search for: “lenovo-sl-laptop”
It will most likely prompt to add additional repositories, say yes, download and reboot.

If it still doesn’t work, post back.

i do have lenovo-sl-laptop installed. and i have the keycodes. what i want is to USE them.