Script that reports changelog entries for recent installs

I tend to apply updates fairly frequently and it’s a bit annoying that there isn’t an easy way to find out what was changed.

So I’ve created a script that will uses rpm to produce a summary of recent changelog entries for recent installs.

I’ve put the script on a blog here Code included: RPM Changelogs for Recent Updates

I see a few of you clicked through to my blog post… Just a note to say I put up a faster version that can report on an OS upgrade such as 11.4 to 12.1 in only a few seconds (the earlier version took about a minute to do the same task - on a Phenom II 1090T) - new post is here: Code included: RPM Changelogs for Recent Updates 10x Faster

I also added an option to get the package descriptions and the ability to specify target package names on the command line.