Script file to copy files

Dear all,
I have an external hard disk with lots of big files and a lot of small matlab script files .m.

I would like to grab all the files inside that harddisk that have the .m extension or the *.mat file extension (both are matlab files).

Of course this is a
-first-find the *.m files script and
-then copy the files into the hard disk.

What I do not know is how I can also keep the structure of the folders containing the *.m and *.mat files when I will copy them in my local hard disk.

As this external hard disk contains 2TB of data it is not possible to copy all the files first and then remove the unnecessary.
So I have to find and copy only the files I need but with also keeping the tree structure that the external hard disk has .

Can you help me find out an easy way to do that?


Of course it should have been iin Programming/Scripting. But I am not moving it because of the wrath of the NTTP users.

This should get you started, I added echos so you can see what the script will be doing. Once you are happy with the script remove the echos

cd /your/external/drive
for FILE in $(find . -type f | grep -e ".m$\|.mat$")
   THISDIR=`dirname ${FILE} | sed s/"^."//`
   echo "mkdir -p /local/drive${THISDIR}"
   echo "cp ${FILE} /local/drive${THISDIR}"

Good luck,

I am sorry for that :frowning:
what are the nttp users?

Never mind, I shouldn’t have posted that here. My fault. The only thing is that you are requested to post things about programming/scripting in the correct sub-forum next time. The people who love solving problems like yours are lurking there!

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>> what are the nttp users?
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it is all in what you are used to…

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