Screenshot of installation

Hi! I have one problem with taking screenshots during SUSE installation. I am using 10.2 version. Button PrtSc does not work and Terminal is not available during installation (at least I think it isnt)Do you have any idea how to do it?

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Welcome here. Are you sure you want to install 10.2, it’s not supported anymore, i.e. you will not receive updates and fixes, most of the people here will not be using it anymore either. I suggest you download 11.2 and install that.

Yes, I am sure. I have few experience only with this system and I have install DVD too. At first I’d like to have working Linux based OS as soon as possible and maybe later I would migrate to newer version.

10.2 was a good version, but keep in mind what Knurpt said,

and that if you find problems with fairly recent hardware, 10.3 probably does not include drivers (because the hardware was not made when 10.3 was made, and it takes time to write drivers)

But if all works, 10.3 as a start, OK, but I think you should consider installing the latest version, or using a liveCD to get familiarly with 11.2 when you can.